Rules For Your Enjoyment

Please read the below carefully as its outlines the way in which we expect our services to be enjoyed. By booking a Layla Massage you fully understand, agree with and accept to abide by the Layla Massage Rules as stated below.


Masseuses and the management reserve the right to refuse service to a client based on a number of factors. Clients who exhibit abusive behaviour - verbal, physical, by phone call, text messaging or rudeness will not be tolerated in any capacity. Our staff will inform our security team immediately who will deal with any abusive issues very quickly.


You must be over the age of 21, Layla Massage strictly deals with adults over the age of twenty one and will request Photo ID if there is any doubt, failure to produce satisfactory ID upon request will mean your session will be cancelled. You must not attempt to use this service if under the age of twenty-one.

Alcohol & Drugs

We reserve the right to not service clients that sound or appear overly intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. Should a client arrive intoxicated your appointment will be cancelled immediately as we operate a zero-tolerance policy. Any evidence of drug practice will result in an immediate forfeit of the session.


For a booking to be made, we require your contact name (first name only) & telephone number. Please note:- We handle all personal details without exception discreetly, securely and confidentially.


Layla Massage enforce a strict full payment in advance policy. Funds should be made available in cash within the first 10 minutes of arrival and should be paid in full. No discounts, partial refunds or reductions on the agreed payments will be made or accepted.


Our masseuses endeavour to be on time for every arranged booking. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that affect punctuality, the management team will contact you to inform you immediately. You are expected to arrive exactly at the arranged time for an appointment, if you arrive early please inform us so we can check if your masseuse is ready to receive you. If you are running late contact us, however, if you are late by 15 minutes without any communication with us your booking will be cancelled. 

If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking, we request immediate notice. Bookings should only be made if there is a probable intention of arriving on time. If multiple cancellations are received, with the correct notice or not, the management reserve the right to refuse and further bookings.

Respecting your Masseuse

Masseuses provide a service that a client should enjoy in a completely passive respect. Your masseuse will explain the details of the session and what it will entail, if you are unsure, then please ask Layla Massage prior to committing to a booking. We are not an escort service and prostitution services are not available during our masseuses sessions. Soliciting (offering money for sexual services) is not only illegal but goes fully against our Rules For Your Enjoyment. Do not attempt this, your session will be ended immediately and security will be contacted.